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Size definitely does matter at Xtra Inches, where the hot and studly men are all sporting impressive packages.

Main Category: Hardcore Sex
Sub Categories: General Porn
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: Sep, 2006
Reviewed: Jun 09, 2010

The Manhub Review of Xtra Inches

First Impression

I don’t know about extra inches per say, but sure does have a lot of extra stuff, and as soon as you log on you will be instantly inundated with an amazing assortment of hot cocks, tight asses and a crap load of different material that will no doubt have both of your heads spinning with a massive blood rush. The site plays host to almost 300 porn boys all ready and willing to give it up for the camera. There is a lot going on, and there is a lot to look at, but once you step inside and learn your way around, you will no doubt have a fully gratifying experience.


When you have a lot of different types of materials and a huge library of videos to present, keeping clutter to a minimum is a key element to success. No one wants to have to dig through countless images in order to find great jerking material. unfortunately falls victim to the pitfall of disorganization. The site is littered with ads, tabs, live cams, updates, calendars and notifications of upcoming events, and although much of the material is quality and definitely worth a further look, it is hard to find exactly what you want. The site has a limited search engine that allows you to search by model, type of material whether it is stars or amateur scenes, pictures or live shows, but the task can be a little daunting at first. Again, once you figure out where you are going and what you are trying to get to, the material is vast and in many cases smoking hot.


It took me a while to figure out if the site was even compatible with my Mac computer, but once I started downloading the films, I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the product. Most of the scenes and movies come from other sources so the picture and sound are dependant on the original production, but the live shows are crystal clear and you can hear every word and groan these boys make. As with most live shows, the dialogue and sex can be a little clunky and unimpressive, but if you get the right boy who knows how to have great sex, a good time is had by all. There are about 450 video length scenes of guys in duos, solos, threeways and even a few gang bangs, hundreds of additional archived web cam shows, pictorial layouts of all of the models giving you a huge variety of material to comb through. The picture layouts are pretty well done and can be viewed as a slideshow which a nice feature allowing your hands to be doing something more productive. The scenes can be viewed as WMV files or with Flash or Quicktime players and are relatively easy to download and view. The site updates with new material on a daily bases and hosts live shows at least once a week.

Guys And Sex is a bit of a misnomer for this site because even though most of the boys are well endowed, this site certainly isn’t all about size. Quality counts and given that most of the men featured here are professionals, the sex for the most part is steamy and hot and will definitely make your mouth water as you watch. There are a huge variety of guys of every shape, color, age and body type, and although most are considered more “porn performers” rather than stars, they still know how to put on a hot show. The live solo shows can be a tad boring, but the rest of the material is a great display of hot man on man action. It is cool to be able to watch young newbies working their selves up into a frenzy on the same site as professionals who know how to fuck and suck on camera, and provides the best of both worlds. Variety is the spice of life and here, you will absolutely not be disappointed.


Currently the site is having a one month free special when you sign up for a three month membership, but even at the regular $24.95 the amount of content and updates that you will receive makes this site a real bargain. Included with membership is access to material from 36 other top named gay sites, XXX comics, live shows, and more porn than you can shack a dick at. The material is high quality and provides enough variety that will appeal to any taste.  The only problem is that you may never want to leave your computer.

Overall Impression

Okay, so there are some huge organizational bugs that need to be worked out before this site is considered to be one of the best, but if you love a ton of material featuring hot guys having hot sex, is the place to be. I love all of the variety and constant new updates that will have my prick thanking me for weeks. In fact, I think I’ll catch a show tonight!

Bottom Line has a lot of bang for your buck. There is an outlandishly large amount of content with a lot of variety to satisfy most viewers. If they can make the site more organized, I would say this is a definite standout.

Site Details for Xtra Inches

Update frequency: Weekly
Exclusivity: Some Exclusive Material
Number of videos: 350 (avg. 25 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 640x480
Videos do not have watermarks
Download limit: Yes
Video DRM: Yes
Video Formats: WM / Flash
Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming
Number of galleries: 700 (avg. 50 pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Only one picture size
No slideshows
No zip files