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Twinks Fun

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Twinks Fun features young, tight twinks in hardcore scenes.

Main Category: Twinks 18+
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: Nov, 2006
Reviewed: Oct 27, 2010

The Manhub Review of Twinks Fun

First Impression

Visiting the home page for, I find myself breaking into a Britney Spears song.  I mean, a homo singing Britney Spears is pretty common but when I start singing "Circus" because that's what the page design reminds me of, that's...less common and less good.  The site descriptions are a little odd as well, like perhaps the site designers don't have the best grasp of English ever:  "Here the youngest twinks tights assholes are being used by big dicks!"  Then again, you should never judge a book by its cover (unless the other is Pam Anderson and yes, such a book exists).


Logging in, the site design is completely different.  Gone is the Circus-esque theme and replacing it is...butter?  All of the colors are gone and everything is yellow.  Literally.  Except for some occasional red and orange accents (and these are few and far between) everything is literally butter yellow.  I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that.  It makes the videos seem dim, colorless and washed out.  The site layout/navigation is just...I don't want to saw "awful, but there's not a lot about it that I like.  Rather than have a navigation bar near the top where members can easily find the areas they'd like to visit, everything is vertical.  A title card for "Extensive Video Collection" and then some screencaps.  A title card for photos, then some photos.  A title card for bonus websites, then some more screencaps.  This layout, in my opinion, is clumsy and ineffective.


The navigational issues continue to the video content and, to be honest, it all continues to be confusing.  There are no video descriptions, no screencaps, nothing to give you an idea od what the video might be about.  The site promises that in addition to downloading the videos I can also stream them online but try as I may, I'm unable to get the video to stream, even after visiting the help page.  The only thing I can do is download the video.  I've heard other people can stream them, so maybe it's just my computer. The photos lack the descriptions as well, however navigating the pictures is a lot easier.  Surprisingly, there's no option for bulk downloading as I thought might exist, but I'm so glad not to be confused by the photo sets that I can overlook that particular extra.

Despite the lack of info, there's a lot of content to see. More than 250 videos are at Twinks Fun, but may of them are in their older "retro" category. The picture galleries are also divided into exclusive content and other, non-exclusive "retro" sets.

Guys And Sex

I'm surprised by how attractive the models are.  I'm not a huge fan of twinks in general, but the models are fairly appealing.  I can't quite put my finger on why they're so attractive.  I think a large reason is that they're not break-in-half twinks, where they look like they'd break in half if I fucked them.  The sex is largely average; however there are some videos that are raging-boner-inducing. Find these videos, they're worth it.


In addition to the normal photo and video updates, the site also offers a Retro Photo and Retro Video Collection.  I'm not entirely sure how this differs from their normal collections, but the site says they're bonus material.  Additionally, the site offers a story collection and access to a few extra sites like, and  The site creator also offers recommendations to his favorite paysites, as well as a Twinks Blog.  I wish the site were as good about its navigation and original content as it were about its bonus content.

Bottom Line isn't the best, but it isn't the worst.  If you've got the time, check it out.  If twinks are your thing, you certainly won't be disappointed.

Site Details for Twinks Fun

Update frequency: Undated Updates
Exclusivity: Mostly Exclusive
Number of videos: 255 (avg. 20 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 720x476
Videos do not have watermarks
Download limit: None
Video DRM: Yes
Video Formats: WM / MPEG
Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming
Number of galleries: 575 (avg. 150 pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Only one picture size
No slideshows
No zip files