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Thug Hunter

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Meet the Thug Hunter, a hot white dude who loves nothing more than to hunt the streets for hot black studs and pound them. This is typical interracial sex turned upside down in a fun reality site. Part of the Big Daddy bonus network hub.

Main Category: Interracial Sex
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex ,Black Sex
Site type: Network
Launched: Jan, 2011
Reviewed: Mar 09, 2011

The Manhub Review of Thug Hunter

First Impression

You know how sometimes, people use the word “ridiculous” to describe something, but they mean it in a good way? Well up for review today is, and it’s ridiculous. In a good way.  The boys at Haze Cash have  done it again with another site that is so unique, I don’t think I’ve seen another gay porn site like it. Thug Hunter is “pretty fly for a white guy,” and he’s on the prowl for some black meat, if you know what I’m sayin’.


Thug Hunter is a fun and colorful site, but it’s pretty simplistic when it comes to its layout and navigation. Up top are your general links, taking you to the latest updates and the like.  There are some ads here and there, but they don’t really get in the way of the videos, and some even offer special rates on other popular gay porn sites.  Each video and its viewing options are laid out clearly, and nothing is confusing or difficult. And that’s definitely a relief, because there’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to get off, but hitting a speed bump.

The videos are all laid out for you to choose from on the front page, each with a nice preview image and a long (and hilarious/ridiculous) description, so you always know what you're getting into before you click and play.


Thug Hunter is very, very new. That should be said right away, because you shouldn't expect a big archive right now. There are only seven videos to enjoy, although they are for the most party pretty lengthy, ranging anywhere from 28 minutes to nearly an hour. Each video is available for streaming on site (no downloads) using Flash in three different sizes. On site streaming can sometimes be a pain, but the max quality of 720p offered on Thug Hunter is actually very clear and easily jumps without waiting forever to buffer. If you don't enjoy streaming the full video, each is split into a set of 1-2 minute clips for your convenience.

Each video at Thug Hunter also comes with a set of photos. These are screencaps, not professional shoots, although a professional shoot wouldn't make much sense for a site shot on location, would it? The pics are not huge, but they are clear and plentiful, with up to 300-500 to choose from. They are not available as a zip file.

Guys And Sex

The concept at Thug Hunter is probably my favorite part, because as I've said, I've never seen an interracial site like this before. Most interracial porn sites feature black dudes with huge dicks slamming some young, skinny white boy, right? Well, the tables are turned at Thug Hunter, because this site stars the thug hunter himself, a cute white guy who loves to search the streets of Miami for black dudes to fuck.  The videos themselves are really fucking funny, with all kinds of ridiculous (there's that word again!) slang and "gangsta" talk, but it's pretty clear to me that this is all in good fun. Like most sites from the folks at Haze Cash, this isn't porn for prissy boys. It's all in good fun and once the joking and "acting" is through, the thug hunter fucks these hot black guys like a pro.

I suppose joining would depend, at least in part, on whether or not you find the thug hunter himself attractive, but I think he's rather cute and unassuming. It's nice that they picked what could be described as a "generic white guy" to hunt these thugs down, since he won't likely be a turn-off for many. He's tall with a nice dick, a toned body and a couple of tattoos.  The "thugs" themselves vary, since they are picked up at random in places like basketball courts and shopping malls, but generally they are good looking and eager to fuck.

Overall Impression

Thug Hunter is both creative and sexy, with hot interracial action from amateurs off the streets. This site, where a white guy hunts down black dudes to fuck, is unique and will certainly be the start of a new niche of gay porn.

Bottom Line

The Thug Hunter is on the hunt for black ass, and it's a fun ride to take. These interracial fuck videos are hot, the guys are horny and the content is 100% original.

Site Details for Thug Hunter

Update frequency: Daily Network Updates
Exclusivity: 100%
Number of videos: 38 (avg. 30 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 1280x720
Videos have watermarks
Download limit: None
Video DRM: None
Video Formats: Flash / HD
Video Type: Streaming
Number of galleries: 38 (avg. 200 pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Only one picture size
No slideshows
No zip files





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