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Riley Priceless

Official Score is the official website of hot gay pornstar Riley Price. Created by Riley himself for all his fans, members can enjoy exclusive content of Riley and all his hot friends.

Main Category: Individual Models
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex ,Jocks/Frat Boys
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: Nov, 2011
Reviewed: Jan 13, 2012

The Manhub Review of Riley Priceless

First Impression is the brainchild of porn performer Riley Price a cute guy with some charm and a great ass. The site is extremely new and features some super stars in the porn business, which is a great start. If you've heard of Riley, you know he's mostly worked with Randy Blue and now he's ventured forward with his own official site.


When you log on you are directed to the home page where you can easily navigate to different content by searching through the photo, model, or scene tabs. Each model has a brief description and bio and a link to all of his material on the site. Stars like Dylan Roberts. Phenix Saint and Mason Wyler all make an appearance.  Nicely shot thumbnails lead you to the scene page where a short synopsis of the events helps you make your viewing choice. The tools are pretty simple and the site is nicely designed with cool graphics and has a masculine feel, so even though there isn’t a ton of material yet, there is definitely room to expand.


There are only 7 scenes featuring 8 models so far on which is not really enough to be excited about, but again the site is still growing so there will hopefully be more to come. The site doesn’t list dates so I don’t know how often they update, but judging by the stars that appear on the site, I would say that these are fairly recent entries. The scenes vary in length from 10-25 minutes long and there is some variety to the action with a few solos, some duos and a threeway thrown in for good measure. The problem really isn’t the content itself, it is the way it is presented. Despite the HD quality, the filming needs a lot of work. The lighting is poor and despite the star quality, it seems very amateurish. On top of that, you can’t even download the content, which granted is something that other companies practice, but this isn't a major studio site, man. The oddest thing is that the photo galleries, although pretty sparse, feature some really nice quality shots meaning that there is someone in the shooting process that knows what they are doing. I would just hope they could relay their talent to the vidoegraphers. If this site really wants to succeed they must get better filming capabilities.

Guys And Sex

The biggest saving grace of is the fact that it has some of the hottest porn models in the business right now willing to show off in front of the camera and pop out a great scene. Guys like Cliff Jensen, Phenix Saint, and Mason Wyler are why you would sign up for this site and they do not disappoint. Plus fans of Riley are going to be happy with so much focus on him as well. Some of the scenes take to long to get into, but the sex is pretty decent and the performers know how to push past the crummy technological downfalls of the site and create a decent scene. The sex is pretty decent in that completely amateur paint by numbers way, but not having the quality chops to really make it pop seriously puts this site at a disadvantage.


At $19.95 a month for recurring membership and for $24.95 for a one-time deal, Riley Priceless isn’t too horribly priced. Not knowing how often the site updates is a huge disadvantage when trying to assess the value, but if a few scenes are added a month, I would say it is not a total loss. You also get a few behind the scenes moments and if you really want a good laugh you can check out the blog.

Overall Impression

The site is new so I will cut it some slack when it comes to the quantity of content, but as a new site that is just developing, I would say that as far as quality this site really misses the mark. is well designed, and has potential, but the video quality needs work. Then again, fans of Riley Price, not to mention all the great porn stud potential he's offering, might make up for it.

Bottom Line

Riley Priceless is a new, somewhat amateurish site for Randy Blue model Riley Price. He brings along some hot porn star friends, but the video quality is in need of improvement. Hopefully, this new site will step up its game.

Site Details for Riley Priceless

Update frequency: Undated Updates
Exclusivity: 100%
Number of videos: 7 (avg. 15 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 1280x720
Videos have watermarks
Download limit: Yes
Video DRM: None
Video Formats: Flash / HD
Video Type: Streaming
Number of galleries: 8 (avg. 20 pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Only one picture size
No slideshows
No zip files