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Real Live Guys features hot straight, bi curious and gay guys who are ready and willing to perform for you.

Main Category: Live Webcams
Sub Categories: Amateur Boys
Site type: Cam Site
Launched: Nov, 2005
Reviewed: Dec 28, 2011

The Manhub Review of Real Live Guys

First Impression

Real Live Guys is a site that’s based entirely of live cam shows. When I logged on, I was a bit surprised because cam shows are usually an extra feature on sites. So what’s the big deal about this one? Good question: I like that you don’t have to go search for the men, and I like that it’s easy to find the ones you want. However, there aren’t a lot of men to choose from, and if you hit one of the Genres at the top,  you’ll pretty much get a sampling of the same men. The site sells itself with the tagline, “Don’t get caught without tokens when he’s about to cum.” In this case, it’s an important note, because once you log on, and once you find a guy, if you want to see anything worthwhile, you’re going to have to fork over more dough. The “free” chats are just teases. Yeah, the guys will say “you hard?” or “mm,” but that’s as far as he and his body go. Also, the most popular models (for the most part) don’t have the free chat option. Cody Cummings is on the site (or so it says), but the few times I checked it out he was not around—they have a feature that says it will notify you when your favorite is live, but it never once came on while I was logged on.


The site is pretty well organized. The layout has a very basic feel to it; sort of like a newspaper that’s been sitting out in the rain too long. They don’t have a bunch of ads, which is a plus. Once you find the model you like, you can have a free chat, if it’s available, or take him into a private chat. Most of you know the drill by now, so don’t expect your dreamboat to take it off for free. You’ll also find that you get bumped off a lot, which is fairly common with cam. Also, the first guy I chatted with didn’t speak English particularly well, so be warned. Asking him, “how big is your cock?” was not nearly as simple as you would think. Another guy was lying on the floor and looked like he’d just passed out after too many sets at the gym. The stars have shows that are announced ahead of time, and they cost you extra money.


This isn’t a site with photos or videos, so don’t go looking for those features. You also can’t download or stream.  There are more than 1,900 models listed, but there are only about 20 live at one time. Lots of the models have images, but it’s the kind of quality and style you’d expect from a cam site. It would be nice if some of their top models got more live time. I went to this site about five different times, and found it to be pretty much the same group of guys.   As I’ve said, you can chat a bit for free and there is also a private show feature. The site has audio and text chat and the videos are mostly broadband quality at about 20 frames per second.  There is no cam control.

Guys And Sex

The site does give you a pretty good variety of men. There are some muscle jocks, some smooth guys, some really young and thin guys, and some who look kind of next-door nice. A couple of the men were amazingly hot—go check out Zach if you don’t believe me—and a real find for any live show. It’s too bad that all the real fun costs extra. I went private with one guy, and he was pretty fun to watch. He stroked himself, got hard right away, showed me his hole, and “chatted” dirty. There’s a short “bio” of the men underneath their profile pics, which tells you their basic turn-ons and stuff like that. Other than that, it’s hard to get hard with these men unless you want to go private.


How much do you really want to chat with these guys, and how much is it worth? You need to ask that question before dropping any plastic, because that’s all your getting. You also need to know that you’re  not going to have 24/7 access to Samuel O’Toole—I never saw him live, either. You can store your favorite guys, but there really isn’t anything going on in the “extras” department to put this site above others.  

Bottom Line

Real Live Guys is a live cam site that has some hot dudes to go private with, along with a couple of big porn names.  The cam quality is above average, but the amount of live guys is actually pretty small.

Site Details for Real Live Guys

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