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Phoenixxx is a gay porn megasite featuring a nice variety of hot hardcore action to enjoy.

Main Category: Network
Sub Categories: Older Men/Daddies ,General Porn ,Hardcore Sex ,Jocks/Frat Boys ,Twinks 18+
Site type: Network
Launched: May, 2011
Reviewed: Jul 29, 2011

The Manhub Review of Phoenixxx

First Impression

Network sites are weird little creatures.  One the one hand, a network site is kind of like opening a Christmas present only to discover there are a bunch of other Christmas presents in the box.  What could be better than a present of a bunch of other presents?  On the other hand, a network site is "make it or break it" on its parts.  A network site could knock it out of the park with site design and navigation, offer a ton of ways to download video and photo content and offer endless amounts of bonus content, but if the sites that make up the network site fail, then the network sites fail.

Navigation has the potential to fail if it doesn't make some small changes, although it was only released as a network a few months ago.  Phoenixxx starts out well enough; the guest home page is just generic enough to give someone motivation to go further, but not so generic that it doesn't grab your interest.  Logging in, the site design is intriguing, if not a little bland.  The black and gray backgrounds with bright red accents would be boring and overdone if not for the cartoon phoenix at the top of the page.  Navigation is simple enough; there's nothing terribly special or detrimental about it.  To navigate to individual site content, users can either select "Phoenixxx Videos" to see all of the videos, or "Sites" to go to each specific site under the site's preview.


The content delivery for videos and photos is surprisingly delightful.  If videos are what you're looking for, there are plenty of ways to watch them.  Besides streaming online--in 4 different qualities of definition, from low to medium to high and then ultimately 720p (HD).  Whatever that means.  If you wanna download them, there are two different file types, Windows Media and MP4.  Windows Media can be downloaded in high or ultra high and MP4 can be downloaded in the same quality types as the streaming video.  Photo content is not original in the strictest sense.  The majority of the photos are screenshots form the videos, plus a few staged photos.

Guys And Sex

Where Phoenixxx begins to lack is in its content.  For the first point, the amount of content is limited.  Yes, I know that the site has only been around for about 5 months, but there are ways to prepare a site for a full launch.  Part of that is launching the site with enough content that the average users can't get through it in five days.  Secondly, there are only two satellite sites that comprise Phoenixxx: and  Do two sites really need an entire network?  I hope to assume that Phoenixxx will be adding more sites soon. Ultimately, the sex is wildly inconsistent.  To begin with, though both sites  that make up Phoenixxx have a certain niche (gay husbands, office sex), none of the videos really reflect that.  Sure, the descriptions paint a story, but the actors don't sell it.  Shouldn't bosses be older than 18?  Shouldn't husbands be…I don't know, whatever the hell husbands are?


Bonus content is largely superfluous.  Besides the fact that access to Phoenixxx grants you access to its two websites (really, only two?), the site offers bonus videos and live cams.  That's about it.

Bottom Line

It's a good thing that is relatively new, because that means it has a chance to work on improvements.  Those improvements need to start soon though, before the site gets so in the bag that it requires a major costly renovation to be worth it.

Site Details for Phoenixxx

Update frequency: Daily Network Updates
Exclusivity: 100%
Number of videos: 106 (avg. 20 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 1280x720
Videos have watermarks
Download limit: None
Video DRM: None
Video Formats: WM / Flash / HD / POP / IPod
Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming
Number of galleries: 106 (avg. 150 pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Multiple picture sizes
Has slideshows
Offers zip files