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At My Straight Buddy, members gain private access to the personal lives of hot straight men. Experimenting, casual nudity, druken horseplay, shaving, smoking and more.

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Reviewed: Oct 03, 2011

The Manhub Review of My Straight Buddy

First Impression

One of the things I've always loved about the armed forces--particularly the Marines--is how incredibly homoerotic they are.  That is, not only is the concept itself homoerotic (bunked together with a cadre of men, constantly working out, group showers) but you know--you just know--that there's something going on behind the scenes.  Sure, there was Don't Ask, Don't Tell (not anymore, bitches!) but rules are made to be broken.  And those rules are broken incredibly often by the men at

The concept of My Straight Body is explained in the welcome:  "No other site has real, raw amateur footage of hot straight marines at home with their buddies, casual and having a good time with their bros."  As such, the site isn't strictly about sex.  Sure, that's a part of it, but a lot of it is also just casual nudity, drunken horseplay, and wrestling around.  It sounds strange, but this is almost just as appealing.  It's like a sociological perspective of the straight man who's comfortable with his sexuality.


I kind of like the guest homepage.  It's like an online newspaper website, which is a bit intriguing.  It's something that's unique from the rest of the paysites on the Internet.  Logging in, the site design stays the same.  The colors are muted blues and reds with black borders.  It's kind of calming and does well to accentuate the naked guys.  Which is what every site should be accentuating.  Navigation is as simple as possible without being stupid:  six links at the top of the page take you everywhere you need to go.


One thing about this site that I don't absolutely love is content delivery.  There are two options for the full movies:  stream the Quicktime movie online or download the Quicktime movie.  And…that's about it.  You can also watch previews of the movies, but why would you do that?  Granted, it's helpful for deciding if you want to download the movie or wait for it to load in order to stream it, it's just a bit superfluous.  Also, the quantity of the videos isn't that great; however, when making your videos requires your subjects to be on leave, it's perfectly understandable.

Guys And Sex

Now the quality of the videos is just…yes.  The guys are hot.  There's no equivocating that.  The fact that they're Marines automatically lends themselves to hotness (let's not even begin talking about the guy they call "Jock" because Goddamn, I would bend over for that man so fast you'd think I'd always walked around bent at the waist).  As such, the videos that don't involve sex are still hot simply because they're hot guys who are naked.  The videos that do involve sex (which, sadly, are few and far between) are also hot like…I don't even know.  I would gladly watch both the sex and the non-sex videos. It's all pretty appealing if you're into the Marine type man, which...I am.


Bonus content is pretty great. Members to My Straight Buddy are actually joining Dirty Bird Pictures, which gives you full access to XXX Amateur Hour and Active Duty, another amazing military themed site with lots more hardcore action. It's like My Straight Buddy is the hot teaser and then you get the real fucking over at Active Duty.  Additionally, there are stories, both true and fantasy, that members can read.  Y'know, in case you like your porn to be literary.

Bottom Line

My Straight Buddy is a military themed website that's not quite porn, but it's not not porn, either. It's definitely a site you can get off to simply by virtue of its concept.  Sign in and semper fi!

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Videos have watermarks
Download limit: None
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Video Formats: QT
Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming
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Pictures do not have watermarks
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