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Little Asian BFs

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Little Asian BFs is a site featuring hacked accounts and other user submitted content of hot, young Asian boys getting dirty on camera.

Main Category: Asian Boys
Sub Categories: Amateur Boys
Site type: Network
Launched: Nov, 2008
Reviewed: Jul 11, 2011

The Manhub Review of Little Asian BFs

First Impression

There’s a rumor among many guys that Asian cock is smaller than other cocks around the world. I’m not an expert, so I can’t argue one way or the other based on facts. But, given the title of this site, I was surprised to find some nice chunky dicks here. The title of this site made me laugh until I realized that the term refers to the men themselves (I think) who are, indeed, little.  As soon as you get past the obnoxious penis enlargement ad that graces all the Boyfriend Pass sites, you’ll find photos of very cute Asian men holding their cocks and looking rather dainty. Apparently, these clips have been collected via web cam, which is a fascinating concept, and kind of cool.


The site is part of the Boyfriend Pass network, which means lots of distractions. If you subscribe to any networks of sites, you probably understand why it’s confusing. Instead of logging on to your cute “Little Asian BFs”, you see tons of sites for bears and bareback and, well, at first glance, everything but the guys you’re looking for. Boyfriend Pass wants you to check out all the extras so it pretty much shoves them in your face. Once you find Little Asian BFs (at the bottom of the homepage), you click on that link to get the goods. Warning: go back and you’ll return to the Boyfriend Pass network. Yes, you get used to it after awhile, but it’s still annoying.


There are two photo sets here. The ones that look like clips, and the ones that have their own link. The ones that are on the main Little Asian BFs pages are great, high quality, and easy to download into a zip file. Note, however, that these are basically substitutes for hardcore porn clips. The photo “link” sets are bountiful, but they’re not from Little Asian BFs. They are a collection from all the other sites (face it; it’s a rip-off unless you wanted those extra pictures). True, the quality is exceptional, and they offer up complete sets, but it’s not specific to this niche. I can’t help but find that a serious flaw for any site, and one that will upset any buyer who doesn’t check it out first. The videos, as mentioned above, are amateur and web cam quality. Some of them are cute, and many are solo. Needless to say there is no direction, the sound is terrible, the videos are blurry, and the lighting so bad you might not even realize half these guys are Asian. On a better note, you can stream whole clips or just sections, and you can download in WMV, MPG, MP4, and 3GP. The clips are very short—often just a couple of minutes—and the material is exclusive to Boyfriend Pass.

Guys And Sex

If you haven’t guessed yet, the site is full of Asian men. No white guys, no black guys, no hardcore bondage scenes featuring leather bars and fisting. I think twink and Asian is almost redundant, but some of these guys are quite beefy—and quite endowed. They don’t do a whole lot other than show off their cocks and jerk off for the camera, but there’s a unique, sometimes shy way they have of going about it. Many of them are at their desks, or facing the camera, or just standing around as someone lubes them up or helps get them off. If you’ve got a thing for this kind of stuff, and these kinds of men, you’re going to enjoy the clips. It’s certainly different than most other sites, and not easy to find elsewhere.


I’d love to report that this site is a big bonus for all involved; the problem is the updating schedule and limited clips. I’m not sure how often they will update in the future, but it could easily become a dead site or just terribly neglected.  Since you get all the extra sites, find out if you like what they have to offer. If not, you’re going to run out of guys to check out. You don’t get any blogs or user forums. There are live cam shows. If you like the photos, remember that they make great wallpaper.

Overall Impression

Little Asian BFs fills a niche, and fills it very well. Cute Asian guys web-camming for your pleasure is a hot idea, and one that’s going to get a lot of guys off. If they start to update it more often, and concentrate on the guys, it will be a much more successful site. They should also give it its own photo page, even if the selection is small.

Bottom Line

Little Asian BFs is an amateur site of Asian men via web cam porn shots. They have a lot of solos, and some of the clips are just photo sets, but the actual videos can be pretty hot.

Site Details for Little Asian BFs

Update frequency: Daily Network Updates
Exclusivity: Not Exclusive
Number of videos: 95 (avg. 10 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 640x480
Videos do not have watermarks
Download limit: None
Video DRM: None
Video Formats: WM / MPEG / Flash / POP / IPod
Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming
Number of galleries: 95 (avg. 200 pics per gallery)
Pictures do not have watermarks
Multiple picture sizes
Has slideshows
No zip files