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The official home of muscular stud Jeremy Roddick, who shares his exclusive videos and pictures with members.

Main Category: Individual Models
Sub Categories: Amateur Boys ,Hardcore Sex ,Jocks/Frat Boys
Site type: Pay Site
Launched: Apr, 2005
Reviewed: Apr 07, 2010

The Manhub Review of Jeremy Roddick

First Impression

The first thing you notice on Jeremy Roddick’s site is how young the boys look—and I do mean “boys.” One twink on the homepage made me want to check his I.D. Roddick, a pornstar himself, has filled the site with guys who look barely 18, and don’t spend most of their time at the gym, or in the sun. They do love cock and getting banged, however. You’ll know right away if it’s the site for you, as the variation is minimal.


The site is well organized, with the freebies offered front and center. Updated twice weekly, you can stream or download via Quicktime or Windows Media Player. (My only gripe is that the WMV can be so slow to buffer—some other sites have faster access streaming capabilities; perhaps you can use the extra time to find the right cum rag.) For each model, there’s an extensive photo archive, and the resolution on the guys I checked out was quite good. Like many sites, however, most of the extras here are additional fee services, like iPod downloads and full-length movies. I still don’t know what a Squirtz Boy is, as the site wanted me to pay to find out. I’m guessing a cam show, but who knows.


The video clips themselves are not bad, not great. It’s not high definition, but the resolution is good. The lighting is exceptional, and the camera sturdy. Each video is about 20 minutes long, and Roddick is overly fond of the cum-in-face shot. There’s an archive section going back about two years, and his taste in models hasn’t changed much. I did get bumped off the site a couple of times while trying to stream one of the videos; so be warned. The clips are all from original Jeremy Roddick films; no cross-marketing here.

Guys And Sex

Like I said, this is major Twinks R Us. Roddick does have one actor, Kobe Cash, who’s gotta fresh-out-of-the-frat hotness factor, and one of the few with a great, athletic build. Almost every other model is fair and undefined, and maybe a little forced in their actions. Cash himself spends half of one clip shooting hoops, and, although sexy, I can witness that kind of action any day at the local park. The guys rim, suck, and fuck like they’re supposed to, but they’re kind of forced, and not in a good way. Roddick is in many of the clips, and he seems like a twink king. His best asset is his huge cock; he’s got a fan base, and it’s you guys who are going to be hooked. The sets resemble an unadorned dorm room with bad underwear to match. A couple of the models are overly fond of makeup, and have not yet figured out how to shave without razor burn.


Unless you’re really into twinks, or you love Roddick, there isn’t a whole lot of hotness you’re getting for your membership. Roddick has a blog that I checked out, and the last entry was for 2009. (Too bad, too, as he ads bonus clips of shower scenes and interviews.) The iPod and iPhone downloads and pay-per-view is all for an extra fee, and there aren’t free cam shows or access to other sites. On the plus side, you can download the clips, and that’s always a huge plus. It’s one of the biggest drawbacks to sites that only offer streaming. There are short descriptions of the scenes and bios of the stars.

Bottom Line

This site is only for Twink-lovers. If you want more than that you’ll be hugely disappointed. It’s original material, but do not even think about it if you like men who look old enough to buy you a drink.

Site Details for Jeremy Roddick

Update frequency: Twice a Month
Exclusivity: 100%
Number of videos: 40 (avg. 20 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 1280x720
Videos have watermarks
Download limit: Yes
Video DRM: None
Video Formats: WM / QT / HD / POP / IPod
Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming
Number of galleries: 40 (avg. 50 pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Only one picture size
No slideshows
No zip files





Jun 23, 2010