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Dark Thunder

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Dark Thunder is a site dedicated to those hunky ebony men who love to show off their hard bodies and fuck hardcore.

Main Category: Black Sex
Sub Categories: Hardcore Sex
Site type: Network
Launched: Nov, 2007
Reviewed: Nov 03, 2010

The Manhub Review of Dark Thunder

First Impression is obviously a gay site for fans of black men. After I spent time checking it out and going through archives, I only found a couple of non-whites, paired with blacks.  After you narrow it down to that category, it doesn’t seem to have a strict niche or theme; some of the guys have jock builds, some are twinks, some have a lot of tattoos, etc. That’s a little disappointing; since all-black sites are limited, you hope that anyone who makes one is gonna put a lot of effort into making it stand out. It’s called Dark Thunder, but it’s more like "all the black guys we could round up who were willing to do porn." Most of the men are rather amateurish in looks and style, which, depending on your tastes, can be a good or bad thing. That said, it’s great there's another site devoted to black guys.


The site has a nice look to it, although the homepage is a little distracting. It gives you a sample of different things—new hot video, new hot guy, new hot pics—as opposed to showing you a list of the latest videos. The Live Shows are advertised right on top, as are the member to member cams. There are also upfront advertisements to other sites, which always takes away from what you’re looking for. It takes a while to get used to the set-up, although at least they’re trying a different approach. I also kind of like that there’s a customer support number at the bottom right corner.


The photos are excellent and there's a great deal of them for each clip. You can view them in slideshow format as well. They look very professional and are well lit and quite clear. The technical aspect of the videos is not nearly as good. The lighting is bad, the guys seem a bit aimless, as if there’ s no real direction, and the sets are a bit on the trailer park side. However, there’s always been an audience for the home-movie feel of porn, and that’s the attraction here. Viewing options are great; you can download in Flash or WMV, and you’re given several speeds. Streaming works well, too.  The videos are standard length, about 20 minutes, and the site updates about once or twice a week. has exclusive clips, as well as access to other pay sites, and a bonus site.

Guys And Sex

Black men are known for having big dicks. That’s not a racist statement, just a common belief. And the dicks on these guys are, indeed, pretty impressive. When viewing black gay porn, there tends to be two different kinds; one has beefy jock types who are usually paired up with white men, and the other doesn’t give a whole lot of consideration for body type, provided their dicks are big. Dark Thunder falls into the second category. Yes, some of the guys are hot, but there’s a lot of in-between here, and a lot of Black Twink. Many of these men look like amateurs who’ve not done much porn before, and weren’t hired for their smile. The sex ranges from ho-hum to hot, as some of the men seem to be really good at it and some are kind of lost. They don’t do anything out of the ordinary; just your basic sucking and fucking.


If you’re into black guys, check this site out. There aren’t a lot of major porn sites with almost all black men, so the few ones that are out there are all worth at least a peek. There is a bonus site, and you get the live cam shows and the cam chats. You also have access to clips from other sites, and video on demand.

Overall Impression

I recommend for those of you who are into black men with big dicks. Many guys I know think that’s the hottest porn there is, and the cocks are all over the place on the site. If you want a lot of beef elsewhere on their bodies, you might be disappointed. I would definitely take a tour of the site first, and check out the selection of guys. You should know that the videos are fairly standard as to what the guys do, and the quality is average.

Bottom Line is a site of black men with big cocks. The look is somewhat amateurish, as are the guys. The photos are great, and the men range from average-looking to very hot. It's a great place for fans of black sex.

Site Details for Dark Thunder

Update frequency: Weekly
Exclusivity: 100%
Number of videos: 140 (avg. 20 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 850x478
Videos have watermarks
Download limit: Yes
Video DRM: Yes
Video Formats: WM / Flash
Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming
Number of galleries: 220 (avg. 120 pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Only one picture size
Has slideshows
No zip files