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Authentic Footballers

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Authentic Footballers presents South American soccer studs starring in hot content.

Main Category: Latin Sex
Sub Categories: Jocks/Frat Boys ,Masturbation
Site type: Pay Site
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Reviewed: Sep 22, 2010

The Manhub Review of Authentic Footballers

First Impression

God bless David Beckham for teaching American gay men to really appreciate soccer for the fascinating sport that it is. All of those stunningly hot guys running around filled with testosterone, kicking balls at each other and constantly ripping off their shirts so that their adoring fans can get a glimpse of their perfectly proportioned bodies as they strut up and down the field. Okay, so the sport itself can get pretty tedious at times, but the men involved are constantly keeping people interested in the game. The site is dedicated to the men who love the men behind the game. Featuring “real” South American footballers the site builds the boys up as rough and tumble footballers who love eating pussy and banging box, but they certainly don’t mind stripping down and shooting the jizz for the guys who love to watch.


As though it was created with the “My First Website” kit by Hasbro, is far from being a sophisticated place to appreciate nude men. I always find it ironic that the cheapest and most simplistic sites are also the least user friendly, but this is certainly an example of that sentiment. You click on the mug shot like thumbnail of the boy you want to get more familiar with. After a brief description of the man and his meat, you are given the option to view different segments of the encounter including a mindless interview, some soccer play, a strip down, jerk session and finally a shower. No, you cannot watch the entire video at once, so don’t even ask. No the website is not Mac friendly, I mean come on what did you expect.


First off, I had to download some extra stuff to my already jammed packed computer to simply view the videos, so already my hard on has faded, then when I do get to the videos they are broken down into smaller sections that you have to view one by one. The logic behind this kinda baffles me, but I’m assuming there is a point and I just didn’t get it. The interviews are pretty standard for amateur porn with questions like, “When was the last time you ate a pussy and would you ever let a guy suck you off?” The jerk off’s aren’t filmed particularly well and the boys seem distracted by that fact which leads to some awkwardly orchestrated moments. The newer videos are in HD, but I gotta be honest and say I didn’t see much difference from the old videos. The videographer is clumsy and the lighting is nonexistent, and worst off the videos are just plain boring. They all take place in the same generic room, and follow the same format. I love a good straight guy jerk off, but some production value is always a nice touch. There are also ENDLESS photo galleries of each second of the action, even the interviews, which haven’t been edited or narrowed down so you are looking through galleries for hours just to find a decent photo. I say decent because the photographer is limited and the images leave very little to be excited about.

Guys And Sex

One positive aspect of the site is that the men are pretty well built and there is a nice variety to choose from. If you can get past the horrendous mug shots on the homepage and actually start looking at the boys, they are young and cute and seem like they would be fun to get to know on a better-conceived site. There are a few duo sessions which are a bit lively, but typically the boys are solo and they look like they are attending an insurance seminar. Most of the guys are trying desperately to get to the end of the experience and the audience is left knowing that they were definitely not enjoying their “work”.


The site offers a $34.95 nonrecurring monthly charge as well as $27.95 for those who plan on returning, but my suggestion is that you take your one-month and run. There are more than 700 videos on the site, but other than that, there are zero bonus or additional materials to be appreciated, and the site itself hardly holds enough interesting content to make it worth a second month.

Overall Impression

Maybe in different hands could have been a fun and worthwhile site, but as it is, it is almost depressingly boring. The men are not enthusiastic, the production is lack luster. I love sports boys, and soccer players with their muscled legs and ball fetishes ordinarily would make my butter melt, but this is a poor representation of a straight guy whack off site.

Bottom Line

This site is about as impressive as the American soccer league before David Beckham crossed the pond and came to the states. It is amateurish, dull and surprisingly hard to navigate.

Site Details for Authentic Footballers

Update frequency: Weekly
Exclusivity: 100%
Number of videos: 700 (avg. 10 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 1280x720
Videos have watermarks
Download limit: Yes
Video DRM: Yes
Video Formats: WM / QT / Flash / HD
Video Type: Downloadable
Number of galleries: 255 (avg. 400 pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Multiple picture sizes
Has slideshows
Offers zip files