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Nothing feels better then spilling your cum all over a smooth and beautiful Asian foot. This site was built from thousands of pictures of all the feet and cum from Asian boys.

Main Category: Asian Boys
Sub Categories: All Fetishes ,Feet ,Hardcore Sex
Site type: Network
Launched: Jan, 2008
Reviewed: Sep 16, 2011

The Manhub Review of Asian Boy Feet

First Impression

It’s a funny title, the kind of name that makes you think “oh, brother, what are they going to think of next?” is an amateur Asian site, with a big emphasis on the guys cumming all over their feet.  The best part of the homepage, and the first hint that you’re looking at something average, is that the tagline reads “Asian Boys Beat Their Meat “Tell” They Cum on Their Feet.” (Yes, they wrote “tell.”) I’m guessing not a lot of proofreading went into the site’s production, and I’m guessing that most people don’t care. As part of the network, however, is extremely well put together and easy to navigate. You know what you’re getting upfront, everything is clear and understandable, and you’re not getting fooled into thinking you’re going to find some Latinos stuck in the mix. This is all young Asian boys, in a clear and dedicated fetish site.


The site is extremely well organized. The layout is basic and workable, even with the annoying typeface on the homepage. They keep the distractions to a minimum, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Recent videos, recent photos, etc., are all on the top, and the bonus sites offered are shown to the right of the screen. You can go straight to live cams, or personals, or extra feeds. There is no “search” feature at the top, which is a bit disappointing. However, nothing is worse than having all the “extra” sites predominantly displayed so that you can’t find the videos in the site you’re on—that’s not the case here, where everything is clearly marked.


The photos are rather blurry and not very professional looking. They offer a good amount, however, and you can download them into a zip file. Just don’t expect pinup, wallpaper quality. The videos, too, are very basic, with amateur lighting and sound, and no real direction. The cameras shake, but that’s the thrill of a site like this—you’re not on here to find Michael Lucas showing off his models in beautiful lighting with beautiful backgrounds. You can stream the videos in Flash, or download in High Definition Video, High Bandwith Video, or iPod compatible MP4. I had no problems when I tried downloading. The length of the videos runs about 20 minutes, and this particular site doesn’t update very often—it looks as if it’s on a twice a month schedule. Since the updates are announced for all the extra sites, it seems at first like you’re getting more clips from The material is exclusive to the network of sites.

Guys And Sex

The guys on this site are extremely specific to a particular niche—young Asian men who are smooth and horny. You are not going to see white guys, you are not going to see bears, and you’re not even going to see a lot of tattoos or blonds or body hair. The title of this site really does spell things out for you, and you’re not going to be fooled. The sex can be titillating or it can be kind of dull. The men seem very inexperienced, but some of them rapid-fire fuck and suck like pros. A lot of the guys seem nervous or unprepared, and the combination is a turn-on for fans. As for the rumor that Asians have small dicks, you’ll see a lot of large ones here. The foot aspect is interesting, although I’m not sure how many guys are going to care. It almost seems more of a gimmick than a true fetish. If you do like looking at men cum on their feet, know that you will get it. You’ll also see a lot of feet-sucking, and a lot of exposed feet spread open for your enjoyment. Some of the clips are solo, and a lot of the group clips spend time with the men masturbating together. They even have “behind the scenes” clips where the boys take off their shoes and get photographed. You’ll get hard or you’ll just laugh.


The network of sites that offers knows what they are doing. All of the links work, and you get a lot of bonus sites. Everything is easy to find, the downloads work, and there’s a lot of variety. You get a user forum, feeds, personals, live cams, the works. On this particular site, there is not a lot of content, and that’s worth noting if you’re only interested in charging up your foot fetish. Take a tour, check out the bonus sites, and think about it. I think that it’s run better than many other amateur sites on the market.

Overall Impression

Amateur sites are hit or miss, and this one pretty much hits. It’s for a very specific niche, and it doesn’t lie or use that niche to get you to other types of videos or men. On the downside, there is not a lot of videos to choose from, and they are extremely amateur in nature. The extras are plentiful, there is a ton of room for comments, and they have an effective user forum offered. For what it tries to be, it works.

Bottom Line is an amateur site of young Asian men who cum on their feet, fuck, and show their feet off some more. The site is well-run, limited in videos, but filled with extras.

Site Details for Asian Boy Feet

Update frequency: Daily Network Updates
Exclusivity: 100%
Number of videos: 40 (avg. 15 minutes)
Maximum Video Resolution: 1280x720
Videos have watermarks
Download limit: Yes
Video DRM: None
Video Formats: WM / MPEG / Flash / HD / POP / IPod
Video Type: Downloadable / Streaming
Number of galleries: 135 (avg. 130 pics per gallery)
Pictures have watermarks
Only one picture size
No slideshows
No zip files





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