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About Me

6'4", 210 Lbs, caucasian, size 13 shoes. Even though my shoes are big my dick is not. LOL so cool your jets. Very easy going dude. Open minded and very few things will shock me. So want to know me just drop me a line and we can take from there. If you live in Ann Arbor Michigan and attend UofM you can find me and meet me in person.



mostly a jock type interests. Love sports. I am into rowing, running, tennis, volleyball, but my preferred activities are Skiing and Sailing. I do enjoy a good museum as much as a great book. Not into poetry though. As far as politics go I am mid of the road. Deal breaks are: if you smoke, lie (chronically or intermittently), shady character or amoral. You can be even full of shit that I don't mind.