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About Me

Well to make a long story short... My name is Koolaidman, but I've recently changed it Koolaid the Great. I'm bi sexual 3 kids 1 crazy baby mama. I'm single, educated, highly motivated, very friendly, adventures ,outgoing, , hard working, positive, open money person who love to document my life with photos and videos.



I wanna be a underwear model because I have a underwear etish and always being complimented on my hot body. Of course I got what it takes to be a porn star, Im never really interested in actually humping though. Unless you are young, straight lookin and actin guy. Or a fine ass mexican guy. I enjoyed a big round bubble butt. Im no attractive black guys at all. Actually gross es me out as far as sexually . But never hating on my niggaz, I just don't want to get with them. Lol.