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About Me

Tall, over-educated, fellow with a wry sense of humour (hum-ou-r: =the upbringing that gave me a mid-atlantic accent...) :-) I try not to take myself too seriously, to live by the core values we all aspire to (whats with all the thievery & selfishness? it's yourself you gotta live with afterall....). I hook up enough through personal contacts, social connections so almost never thru internet, but Im flexible..... :-)



... Im no longer white collar so have a fraction of my former income, BUT the upside is my dogs -oops, sorry , 'dog' since June - & I have WAAAAY more time together & they are MUCH better company than an office full of______. :-) Manhub? I love seeing all the male hotness on display (and for free!) :-) I read cuz I love it, +it's like eating, it's necessary to live & not starve (spiritually anyway!)