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Last login on Sep 19, 2012

About Me

a dimond in the ruff.Have one love that comes before any other person, my mother who cuddles me every night..Been rejected my whole life. I have a foul odor fumes from my feet, large boils on my back( Im on meds-not to worry for contracting), bill collecter by trade,gota pet rabbit w/furi balls they remind me of mine. want a man who wont tell me I'm not good enough, it hurt growing up a "nobody".



joined the airforce to meet men, back when I joined that was a way to meet guys like me. rode a boat once, have video to prove! rabbits,indecent exsposure-find it kinky, my daughter ( yes I tried the whole straight thing in 92') not for me, cock rings, message palors,stinky fingers, and many more I am a 4 foot 10 inch ball of joy, I may be grey,but I can still lay-I am a reciever if that helps narrow my search for the man of my dreams-