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About Me

compact btm-daddy, 5-5, 164, s & p, b-gr, furry, beefy, workout, HARD, 5x/wk for 34 yrs! Easy-going, initially shy, honest, open, laid-back, lo-maintenance, open-minded w/ an appreciation 4 an assertive, adventurous partner



Sex, working out, tv, movies, reading, conversation, romance, passion, honesty, COMMUNICATION, trust, intimacy, slow-furnaces that heat up 2 wild bonfires, then slow 2 a warm, CUMfortable, cozy re-ASS-U-rance, kissing, caressing, oral--LUV sucking (UR) cock, balls, ass-hole!!!--anal (MINE! w/ UR...)--tongue, fingers, cock!!! Adventure, sex, cuddleing, quiet times...ask ANYTHING!!!