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Last login on Feb 19, 2015

About Me

I am not a toy, So dont play with me! I'm a sincere, honest, fun guy that loves to laugh. You cant find the right person.... if your still holding onto the wrong one. Not all men are pigs.. So I'm looking for that one guy that knows what he wants and will not judge me, or hold me to standards from somone in their past.



I would love to meet a guy that I could be friends with first, then fall in love with. I long for that feeling that I would get when I see him smile, and its all it takes to make my eyes light up. That feeling when we talk that we are the only ones left on the earth.. and knowing that would be great. Want to show a guy how much love I can give, show my romantic side with, and not wonder if its corny or not. I want to meet that one special guy that I can lay with in bed... and watch him sleep