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I came to this site to see what it's all About I have a Preference in what I like I wan't to make the Quite Clear ... No Uganda southafirca east indian It's not my thing if your Looking for a sugar Daddy go Look some where Else you do The same thing on PlanetRomeo Like I said there you will be treated as SPAM or Deleated.



Oh and another please stop taking videos from other sites and chargeing money for them you can't neing doing this you don't have permmision to I see all the vieos here on this site from Xtube Man 8 etc there all the sam vids so please don't be charging us for vids we already pay for .Only But some people don't get the Hin't if NO Picture On your Profile Go away or Learn how to fil one yea know how to click on one learn how to make a propper profile Or I'll Delete Mine./